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Cafédirect Fair Trade São Tomé Instant Hot Chocolate. São Tomé Instant Hot Chocolate – direct from Chocolate Island… São Tomé, also known as Chocolate Island, is steeped in cocoa farming history and has an unparalleled reputation for growing some of the most prized cocoa beans on earth – the criollo bean. This is due to the islands location on the equator, rich soils, the perfect balance of temperature along with the perfect humidity and forest shade. The result is a delicious, sweet, delicate (and Fairtrade of course!) cocoa which gives our São Tomé its rich, smooth taste. With only four ingredients and no added nasties you’re guaranteed a truly natural flavour in every cup! A good cup of hot chocolate is one of life’s great pleasures. That’s why we’ve scoured the world for the finest ingredients and are delighted with the delicious results in both our San Cristobal (add milk) and our São Tomé (add water) hot chocolates. To the ancient Aztec civilizations, chocolate had special powers. When spiritual wisdom, energy and sexual prowess were required, chocolate was the answer! These days, we understand the power of chocolate on a more subtle level and these delicious single origin cocoas are perfect for a bit of liquid indulgence. Cafédirect is the UK's largest 100% Fairtrade hot drinks company, selling a range of freeze-dried and Roast & Ground coffees, as well as tea and hot chocolate. All their products carry the Fairtrade mark, guaranteeing a fair and stable price to the 38 grower organisation across the 12 developing countries that the company works with. Above and beyond that, Cafédirect reinvests at least a third of its profits back into the businesses and communities of these grower partners (around 50% to date), directly improving the lives of more than 1.8 million people around the world. At Cafédirec

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